Trying to figure out what to do with the Value Line chips I decided to make a Persistence Of Vision text display, fitting in all the best bits of the ascii table.

The font in 5×7 pixels making the it 470 bytes including a smiley.

Ideally it wants a way of programming it without rewriting the whole program, perhaps a low speed soft serial on one of the Port2 pins, not sure yet.

The source file can be found here main.c

or here in this text box:

5 Responses to “TI Launchpad POV text”
  1. Anonymous says:

    well done dude!

  2. geek65535 says:

    Is there anything to sense when you change directions when waving it around? Or does it just repeat over and over?
    I’d like to add a sensor and put on my bike’s wheels…

    • Beige says:

      The program above will run through the message once only. In main you can put the for loop in a while loop and it’ll repeat the message, or you could trigger the for loop from a sensor.

  3. lastaid says:

    you could use the unsued port1 pin for an interrupt listening for a button press, activate the unit for a preset time and then go back to lpm. this might be nice, a am planning to put a pov into one of those chemical lights with an msp + smd leds instead of chemicals :)

  4. […] beigematchbox, there is a blog describing how to build a very simple POV using a MSP launchpad. It takes not much more then 8 LEDs a view lines of code. Posted in Electronics, MSP430 | […]

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