The normal method of making suspension links is to use a good pillar drill, or drill press from Drillpressor then requiring careful positioning of aluminium rod so you can drill the end, then you have to tap the hole using a bottom tap which isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Instead I use commonly available, fairly cheap aluminium and brass tube from B&Q, and M3 studding which is available from most model engineering suppliers.

I’ll assume you can work out the length yourself and go straight into making the links.

Step 1:
Cut the brass and aluminium tube to equal lengths, I like to use a small pipe cutter as it gaurantees a straight cut.

Step 2:
Press the brass into the aluminium tube, since the tollarances on the cheap aluminium tubes aren’t great the brass could be a very tight fit, to make it easier put the brass in the fridge for 10 mins, then gently heat up the aluminium, you only heed to heat it a little, just to the point you can’t touch it.

Step 3:
Cut the M3 studding to length, for the Axial ball ends on the SCX10 6mm of thread is needed, to cut the studding 12mm longer than the tubes.

Step 4:
Fit the ball ends and attach the finished links to your truck.

So there you go, they look the part, are super strong and you can make a set in under an hour, what more could you want?..

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