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Lots of cars to look at at Beaulieu, sun was shining so the drive down was quite good too. Driving through the new forrest was fun, horses just off the side of the road with no fences, not too surprisingly there were lots of skid marks…

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OK, so the 2 ends don’t quite match up, but I don’t think it’s so bad for a first attempt, really need to use my SLR and fix the aperture and shutter speed, the entire photo should match up then.

*For some reason these seem unreliable in Safari, not sure why, Firefox doesn’t appear to suffer from the problem*

Right, second attempt, this time with the SLR.

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Something I’ve had in mind for a while is a nice simple iPhone app that’ll send data to an arduino over a network. I seem to remember some people using an app designed fir controlling some audio software i think, but setting it up seemed like a tricky process.

This afternoon I put a little app together that sends a single byte on a button press, and 3 bytes when the slider moves $, slider, value, the idea being you set the IP and port of your Arduino (with ethernet board of course), the iphone connects and off you go.

No idea if such a thing would be accepted on the app store, but I think it may be useful enough to polish add some connection monitoring and give it a shot.

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This year I tagged along on some of the London to Brighton mini run. Joining the run route at the M23 I saw 20 or so minis along the way.

Not having tickets we couldn’t park on the front, so left the car at a car park just down the road and walked to the show. By the time we got there, about 10am, the show was already well populated making it hard to get through to see the stands, but it was certainly no worse than most shows I’ve been to.

We left at around 2pm, leaving Madeira Drive still filling with a constant stream minis…

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This article includes details on making a simple volume control box for when you want to hook up an MP3 player or similar source to an car amplifier without a head unit.

Basically, you want a way of limiting the amount of signal getting to the amp, you could use the built in volume on a MP3 player, but this will be a bit course and in general isn’t great for adjusting while driving.

So, you need to add a pot to each channel, the second picture shows quite nicely a dual gang pot, which is just 2 pots with a shared knob.

The second part is controlling the power for the amp, car amps have a remote power line, taking it high (to 12v) will turn the amp on, and making it open circuit will shut it down. All you need to do is simply put a switch between the blue wire on an ISO connector and 12v, this can be ignition switch or constant. You can also easily fit a LED, just put it between the remote side of the switch and ground, with a 4k7 resistor.

One important thing to note: Do not connect chassis ground to audio ground, as this will generate some pretty amazing hum!

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As requested by kevinhines of RCGroups, some close ups and a little detail of the motor mount and undercarriage on my EasyStar.

Forum post available here

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Needed to move my old mini off the front garden, and with the brakes rusted up the easiest way was to get it going.

I replaced the clutch slave cylinder, as the old one went pop, checked the fluid levels, and squirted a little oil in the bores and, well, have a look at the video.

Brum brum…

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I decided it’s time to get a HD camera!

Most of my videos end up online, so the biggest requirement was for the videos to look good at 720P, and I think this camera does the job nicely.

The video has a look at the camera itself, as well as some unedited footage.

Please excuse the typo in the URL, oops…

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I have now installed the CDHK software on my Canon Ixus75 and a intervalometer script to automatically take a pic every 10 seconds. I still only have the camera taped to the side of the fuselage, but, it still gives some interesting results.

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Since the Multiplex EasyStar seems to be the aerial photography platform of choice for many, I decided to give one a go.

Fitted with a 3800mAh LiPo and a 22-12-10T brushless motor from BRC Hobbies it climbs almost vertically, and will fly for around an hour, which, to me at least seems quite ridiculous…

Please excuse the typo in the URL, oops…

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