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The first VCF in the UK, lots of old kit to play with, and lots of friendly geeks! A good day out.

And a quick video, no plot, just some random clips.

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A home server with a twist.

I’m am integrating an Arduino compatible board to allow remote boot up and shutdown including switching off mains power.

The server is running a stripped copy of XUbuntu 9.10 and is serving up the following:

Apache web server with 3 virtual servers
Samba file shareing
Bit Torrent
iTunes server
Team Speak

And much more that hasn’t been fully configured.

The little Atom processor manages all of the above perfectly fine with 2 users accessing as much as possible it barely reaches 20% load peak idling between 0% and 1%.

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This started life as a standard ESKY USB RC interface dongle, it was broken in an accident and sent to me to fix.

First of all I repaired one of the broken contacts that had been stressed and snapped just at the end of the connector, this was done by laying a small bit of solid wire along the contact and soldering in place leaving enough to solder to the PCB.

Next I fitted a 3.5mm jack socket in place of the direct connection allowing the interface to be used with and RC transmitter with a buddy box connection

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Something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time is watercooling a computer.

After a lot of reading I selected my components to cool my 2006 gaming PC being careful that all parts will fit, or easily be adapted for new hardware.

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For the last week or so my old Iiyama 17in monitor has been shutting off randomly, today it gave up completely, not wanting to spend money on a new one, or go without I set about fixing it.

After stripping it and carefully inspecting the components it was noted that 2 of the capacitors on the power supply had domed tops, being fairly certain this was the problem I set about replacing them with higher voltage parts.

After the above the screen worked as new, and a friend who has the same monitor who has also started having the same issue followed my instruction and fixed it too.

Much cheaper, and far more satisfying that buying a new unit.

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The PHP is hosted on an Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu and Apache2 with a splash of PHP.

To send data to the Arduino I’m using the php_serial class from HERE,
If you follow the instructions and have a quick look at the example it’s quite easy to figure out, although I have had some issues when viewing with Safari, sometime it sends garbled data, I’m yet to figure out why.

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