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After the last 2 days of painstaking cleaning and painting the new gasket arrived.

Spent quite a while putting it on, making sure everything was perfect and it worked!! No more oil leak.

There is however a coolant leak…

Pretty sure it’s coming up through the thermostat housing gasket, and of course, the housing is glued onto the studs and won’t budge at all.

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I had the timing chain changed by local mini specialist The Real Mini Company, great bunch of guys, unfortunately Bertie sprung a leak loosing about a pint of oil over 50 miles…

So, I had the timing chain cover off and changed the oil seal and gasket, but still the oil leaked,

I’ve currently got the cover off again, and this time attacked it with a wire wheel and re painted it, fully cleaned up the mating surface and smoothed the mounting plate on the engine.

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Bertie got to park on the banking!!

OK, so it was a bit of a walk to the main show, but still, awesome place to park…

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Old Warden show.

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Shoreham Airshow at Shoreham airfield.

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Spotted these on ebay, thought “cool” and bought them.

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I’ve had this discussion with several people, the common belief is there is no way a full size XC mountain bike will fit in a mini, and still have space for a passenger.

Heres the proof that it’s quite doable, but you do have to unbolt the handlebars.

But, it does go in!

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Continuing the *hide the modern junk* project I’ve put together a small 2 channel amp that snugly fits between one of the speaker boxed and the center controls.

I still need to get a better knob, as the one currently fitted is a bit on the bright side.

The original movie track was far too dark to see anything, so i’ve replace it with the image you see below.

And yes I am fully aware that it’s an iPod and not a CD player in the movie.

(Movie not moved to WordPress, sorry)

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Airshow at Shoreham airport.

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Scuse the blurry pictures…

Had the tacho taking up space in a box, and the dash looked so empty i couldn’t resist

Pretty much the same deal with the hand brake leaver, and i much prefer the larger grip.

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