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After correcting a few minor bugs that didn’t show up in the simulator it’s finally been accepted!

So, without further ado…

Click, download and have a play
Don’t forget it’s 100% free, runs on anything with iPhone OS 3 or later, including iOS4 and the iPad

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I’ve just submitted a new app to the store for calculating mile per gallon, but unlike many apps this one allows for various combinations of input and shows what you average efficiency is in 3 ways.

The programming was done by me, BeigeMatchbox, the graphics and the conversion formulas were worked out by eagleworks.co.uk

Also, don’t forget to have a look at whatsmympg.co.uk

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Today my friend at eagleworks.co.uk was working on a php only mpg calculator, so I thought I’d make a partner app for the iPhone, using his formulas and writing the rest from scratch.

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