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Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time with a friend of mine is build an RC site that caters for the casual basher rather than the wannabe racer.

So we spent some money on some kit and in the next few weeks will be busy making as much content as we can manage…

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The normal method of making suspension links is to use a pillar drill, or drill press, requiring careful positioning of aluminium rod so you can drill the end, then you have to tap the hole using a bottom tap which isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Instead I use commonly available, fairly cheap aluminium and brass tube from B&Q, and M3 studding which is available from most model engineering suppliers.

I’ll assume you can work out the length yourself and go straight into making the links.

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Just a quick video demonstrating the skeleton program for controlling lights on an RC truck (Axial Honcho) from the transmitter with only a 2 position switch (Ch3) to control normal/mode selection, and the steering to choose the mode.

The box can currently handle 8 LED channels, such as brake/tail, headlight, left indicators etc.
It gets it’s channel information from the 3 servo connectors on the receiver.

I’m also considering ways to monitor the motor speed, with that and the throttle position it will be possible to work out when your driving in reverse, so turning on a reversing light.

And yes, thats an Arduino, a Pro mini at 8MHz on 3.3v.

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Came away from this one with a face like a beetroot and forearms to match… Can definitely tell our 2 days of summer have arrived.
Lots of model flying, from small EDF powered foamy commercial jets, through 18 foot span electric models to 600cc 60% scale aerobats. Boats in the boat pool and this year an indoor (tent) 1:18th scale car track which only had a small aperture at the end for viewing, so if there was anything to see you couldn’t get near it…

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My Tamiya R34 drift car having lights gave me an idea, I recorded some video at night and attacked the footage with Final Cut giving a rather nice effect.

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