Trying to figure out what to do with the Value Line chips I decided to make a Persistence Of Vision text display, fitting in all the best bits of the ascii table.

The font in 5×7 pixels making the it 470 bytes including a smiley.

Ideally it wants a way of programming it without rewriting the whole program, perhaps a low speed soft serial on one of the Port2 pins, not sure yet.

The source file can be found here main.c

or here in this text box:

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Having a strip of breadboard attached to the Launchpad is quite handy, the only minor problem is the pin labels, or lack of, since they’re printed on the PCB.

So I quickly made up these labels to stick on female header, they include extra GND and VCC labels.

If you have trouble with the GIF I’ve also made a PDF, which can be downloaded from this link

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Just a quick video demonstrating the skeleton program for controlling lights on an RC truck (Axial Honcho) from the transmitter with only a 2 position switch (Ch3) to control normal/mode selection, and the steering to choose the mode.

The box can currently handle 8 LED channels, such as brake/tail, headlight, left indicators etc.
It gets it’s channel information from the 3 servo connectors on the receiver.

I’m also considering ways to monitor the motor speed, with that and the throttle position it will be possible to work out when your driving in reverse, so turning on a reversing light.

And yes, thats an Arduino, a Pro mini at 8MHz on 3.3v.

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After correcting a few minor bugs that didn’t show up in the simulator it’s finally been accepted!

So, without further ado…

Click, download and have a play
Don’t forget it’s 100% free, runs on anything with iPhone OS 3 or later, including iOS4 and the iPad

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Well, in the case of the breadboard, RGY??…
Just have to use your imagination

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make an audio visualiser for a while, looked at many ways of going about driving lots of LEDs with brightness control almost all using various chips to generate a separate PWM for each LED, to me this sounds all to easy… So I set about doing it with just an Arduino with an ATMEGA168.

The layout is basically the same as a normal common anode LED matrix, except the anodes are PWN driven.

The software is all done through the main loop, no interrupts. This makes things a little more interesting, having to keep the loop nice and short, basically as long as it’s under around 800us it wont interfere with running the LEDs.

Plan is to connect up a pair of these giving 10 leds per audio channel using serial to keep things in sync, such as the mode, buffer size etc.

Once I can find some nice small 4 pin polarised connectors for the LEDs I can hook them up, which should show off the effect nicely.

Oh and the matrix scans at 100Hz, which beats a little with my 50Hz camera, to the human eye the effect is smooth.

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Well, the weather wasn’t anywhere near as hot as Wings n Wheels, a nice breeze and a bit of could made it quite nice out in the open.
There were far less minis this year, but it was still a pretty well packed show.

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Came away from this one with a face like a beetroot and forearms to match… Can definitely tell our 2 days of summer have arrived.
Lots of model flying, from small EDF powered foamy commercial jets, through 18 foot span electric models to 600cc 60% scale aerobats. Boats in the boat pool and this year an indoor (tent) 1:18th scale car track which only had a small aperture at the end for viewing, so if there was anything to see you couldn’t get near it…

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I’ve just submitted a new app to the store for calculating mile per gallon, but unlike many apps this one allows for various combinations of input and shows what you average efficiency is in 3 ways.

The programming was done by me, BeigeMatchbox, the graphics and the conversion formulas were worked out by eagleworks.co.uk

Also, don’t forget to have a look at whatsmympg.co.uk

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The first VCF in the UK, lots of old kit to play with, and lots of friendly geeks! A good day out.

And a quick video, no plot, just some random clips.

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Today my friend at eagleworks.co.uk was working on a php only mpg calculator, so I thought I’d make a partner app for the iPhone, using his formulas and writing the rest from scratch.

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