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It seems that using an LED matrix is one of the standard beginner projects I managed to completely skip, so, not wanting to miss out, I’ve made one from scratch.

The idea When complete is to have scrolling text, manual bitmap drawing, storage for several frames and a couple of buttons all accessible through the serial port.

For instance, with the program in it’s present state I can sent a 0xFE followed by 10 bytes to draw any bitmap to the matrix, a 0x7F will clear it and 0xAA followed by an ascii character will display it.

Over 250 solder joints took me a while to put together, but it worked first time, so who’s counting!

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A home server with a twist.

I’m am integrating an Arduino compatible board to allow remote boot up and shutdown including switching off mains power.

The server is running a stripped copy of XUbuntu 9.10 and is serving up the following:

Apache web server with 3 virtual servers
Samba file shareing
Bit Torrent
iTunes server
Team Speak

And much more that hasn’t been fully configured.

The little Atom processor manages all of the above perfectly fine with 2 users accessing as much as possible it barely reaches 20% load peak idling between 0% and 1%.

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This started life as a standard ESKY USB RC interface dongle, it was broken in an accident and sent to me to fix.

First of all I repaired one of the broken contacts that had been stressed and snapped just at the end of the connector, this was done by laying a small bit of solid wire along the contact and soldering in place leaving enough to solder to the PCB.

Next I fitted a 3.5mm jack socket in place of the direct connection allowing the interface to be used with and RC transmitter with a buddy box connection

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Having bought a nice little graphic LCD I decided to make a little game.

The idea is simple, rocks come from the right of the screen at random heights and speeds and the player has to guide the ship between them.

It took around 2 days working on and off to write and get running.

The positions and speed of all the objects are stored in an array, each object gets drawn to the screen individually so frames per seconds is fairly meaningless, however, it runs perfectly smoothly, and no doubt could be far more complex before the little ATMEGA runs out of puff.



Thanks goes to Chris Eagle of eagleworks.co.uk for drawing the rock bitmaps.

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A little simpler that the full iPod controller, but having fitted a car amplifier I needed a way of controlling the volume and short of fitting a head unit I had to make one.

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I bought these modules some time ago as the pair were very cheap and it seems like the kind of thing that could come in handy for certain tasks.

I was expecting a range around 50 feet, much to my surprise I got far far more than this, and I believe with a nicer pair of antennas rage would again be extended

Both modules can be found at http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/

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Wanting some new armour and weaponry in fable 2, but not wanting to spend all day getting thoroughly bored by the mini games I instead programmed an Arduino to do it for me.

It’s quite a simple setup, and LDR with a green filter connected to one of the ADCs watches the progress bar, as it goes green it triggers the servo to press the button, tinkering with the trigger levels got it to be very reliable generating enough cash for me and a friend to not have to mess about getting nice gear.

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After regularly running out of IO on the Arduino I decided to make a little program and some hardware to allow a 8bit character LCD to communicate over serial, plus having a few spare pins on the slave processor I added the ability to toggle 6 LEDs.

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Something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time is watercooling a computer.

After a lot of reading I selected my components to cool my 2006 gaming PC being careful that all parts will fit, or easily be adapted for new hardware.

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After much fiddling about I have some working hardware, it alows for balance, bass, trebble and volume control, as well as contrast and brightness on the LCD

This video was filmed after making up a box to put the LCD in since it was getting hard to test it without something getting shorted

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