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Went to the London Festival Of Railway Modeling today, mainly to look at various DCC products, and possibly buy a booster to speed up development of my controller.

On the DCC front, lets just say I wasn’t impressed. The items on sale were under featured, many had user interfaces much like an early 80s pocket calculator, not good at all. There was a couple that had nice interfaces but they were up around the £400 mark, ouch.

On to the booster, the cheapest was around £150 for a 4A unit, way too much, there was an 8A for £250 too. Considering the modern N gauge locos draw somewhere around 50mA-100mA theres no way i was pay that much, just to help development.

In the end I spotted a Hornby Select for £60 which has a built in booster capable or just under 1A, with a bit of modding (15v -> 12v and bring out the logic level DCC rails) it’s woking a treat! yay.

I’ll also be adding a video of some of the layouts to this post at some point.

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