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At under £120 with brushless motor, ESC and servos it had to be done.

The Wot series of planes from Chris Foss are well known among RC pilots, especially the British ones. The Wot4 being one of the best flying models ever created, the first version over 25 years ago.
The foamie version sharing the same looks as the larger original, but still maintaining the great flying characteristics.

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Just a quick video demonstrating the skeleton program for controlling lights on an RC truck (Axial Honcho) from the transmitter with only a 2 position switch (Ch3) to control normal/mode selection, and the steering to choose the mode.

The box can currently handle 8 LED channels, such as brake/tail, headlight, left indicators etc.
It gets it’s channel information from the 3 servo connectors on the receiver.

I’m also considering ways to monitor the motor speed, with that and the throttle position it will be possible to work out when your driving in reverse, so turning on a reversing light.

And yes, thats an Arduino, a Pro mini at 8MHz on 3.3v.

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Needed to move my old mini off the front garden, and with the brakes rusted up the easiest way was to get it going.

I replaced the clutch slave cylinder, as the old one went pop, checked the fluid levels, and squirted a little oil in the bores and, well, have a look at the video.

Brum brum…

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I decided it’s time to get a HD camera!

Most of my videos end up online, so the biggest requirement was for the videos to look good at 720P, and I think this camera does the job nicely.

The video has a look at the camera itself, as well as some unedited footage.

Please excuse the typo in the URL, oops…

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I went out to test out my new nose camera mount on my twin star, but one of the aileron servos decided to go up and stay there, and on the one short flight I managed to set the camera to stills mode… So I recored the Slow Stick flying with some red kites.

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This time the interval was set to 2 seconds resulting in much smoother playback, I had to set the camera to small jpeg to fit enough images on my 1GB card so the images are just under 1080P.

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